Parliamentary Elections Representation And The Law -

elections in greece wikipedia - election of the legislature the greek parliament voul ton ell non has 300 members elected for a four year term by a system of reinforced proportional representation in 56 constituencies 48 of which are multi seat and 8 single seat seats are determined by constituency voting and voters may select the candidate or candidates of their choice by marking their name on the party ballot, electoral commission www elections org nz - the electoral commission is the agency responsible for all areas of electoral administration in new zealand, 2011 polish parliamentary election wikipedia - a parliamentary election to both the senate and the sejm lower house was held in poland on 9 october 2011 the previous election in 2007 resulted in a civic platform polish people s party government all seats of both houses were up for re election prime minister donald tusk s civic platform po won a plurality of seats and tusk became the first polish prime minister to be appointed, m ori representation electoral commission - candidates there are a number of detailed rules that candidates standing in a general election or a parliamentary by election must comply with, federal elections learning parliamentary education - at federal elections australians choose members of parliament to represent their views and interests in the house of representatives and the senate