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x men misfits wikipedia - x men misfits is an original english language manga version of the x men story created by dave roman raina telgemeier and art by anzu published in 2009 it is owned by both del rey manga and marvel the book is the story of kitty pryde and her time at xavier s school for gifted youngsters, amazon com x men misfits 1 9780345505149 raina - kitty pryde hellfire club x men misfits next volume x men fans raina telgemeier dave roman shojo manga take on the x men shoujo manga good book art school mutant xavier beast classic girl marvel powers showing 1 8 of 27 reviews top reviews there was a problem filtering reviews right now please try again later, x men misfits by raina telgemeier - the x men get a radical new remix in a story about teen angst first love and what it s like to be on the outside looking in high school student kitty pryde has always been the odd girl out a mutant she was born with strange superpowers magical talents that make her the class freak but kitty, x men misfits manga tv tropes - x men misfits is an oel manga and a reimagining of marvel s x men universe the manga was written by dave roman and raina telgemeier featuring art by anzu published in 2009 it is owned by both del rey manga and marvel the plot revolves around kitty pryde adjusting to her own mutation and new, x men misfits 2 by raina telgemeier - x men has 164 ratings and 0 reviews del rey has opted to not publish x men misfits vol 2 there will not be a x men misfits 2referenced http man, x men misfits comic book series fandom powered by wikia - x men misfits is published by del rey in association with marvel comics current price per volume is 12 99 contents show publication dates last issue current issue x men misfits vol 1 02 sep 2009 next issue none status tank bon sized manga characters main characters kitty pryde pyro, x men misfits volume comic vine - this is a comic which is a re imagend teenage version of many of the x men kitty pryde being the main character next to pyro the art resembles a shojou manga, x men misfits 1 vol 1 issue comic vine - yay x men shojo 0 x men misfits 1 vol 1 by pikahyper on february 24 2011 when i first heard that a manga reimagining of the x men and wolverine were coming out i was very excited and so